Blogging is something I have tried to do without much success. It seems I get really excited about writing my thoughts and ideas down, and then I get caught up with the daily routine of life and forget to write my thoughts down and then I get caught in a cycle of the daily routine and I forget to write my thoughts down and then I get caught in the cycle of… I think you get my point.

I am going to attempt to do this at least once a month. I figure there is no excuse for not taking an hour out of the day once a month to pen some thoughts and rants. Perhaps a thought that I might have lost will be recorded for years to come and give someone insight. Perhaps a dream will become someone else’s reality? Even more hopeful is that I will become financially endowed to the brink of freedom from labor in any shape or form and become a world renown philanthropist. Either way it should serve some purpose either now or in the future however minute.

Currently I am working for Mission Research doing business development for their latest creation, CRMbrella . I am also hoping that this blog can become a catalyst of ideas that I can share with friends, clients, relatives and most importantly – complete strangers.

So do read on. I will always write as though we are old friends and we have to catch up. I want this to be a dialogue or rather a diatribe with a direct link to my brain so that for the short time that you read this post you will actually become one with my random quixotic thoughts and dreams.

I hope you enjoy!

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