After a fantastic weekend with some old and new friends, I am ready to get the ball rolling. I went through a pretty dramatic shift in culture, business ideology, and scope going from real estate to software sales, but I finally feel I have adapted. I have much to learn, but developing relationships is the same across the board and selling a product is not so fundamentally different. I am looking forward to some accomplishments worth noting very soon.

I think I may have played Metal Gear Solid too much this weekend. I had some dreams about it which were actually almost as good as the actual video game. If you haven’t had a chance to play – go buy it. If you are like me and grew up on Nintendo and Atari, this type of game play is a big deal. It is very possible you could get post traumatic stress disorder from playing it, but it is well worth it.

If you haven’t heard, Rock Band is a smash at parties. There is nothing more fun than 4 person karaoke while sipping some libations. Thank you for the invite, Donovan!

Well its my second blog in less than a month. Nothing to exciting here I am sure, but nonetheless I am on pace to break my blogging record.

More to come.

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