Ok, I got caught up this weekend golfing, chillaxin, metal gear soliding, and left my laptop at work. So tonight I am going to play with this site and redo some items. Well, now I have failed to accomplish my first short term goal and it feels good to know that I have shared it with the entire world.

Say what you want about social networks. Yes, we have too many of them. But Facebook is a fantastic way to network. So I think I am going to actually create a badge.

Nathaniel Bomberger's Facebook profile

Nathaniel Bomberger's Facebook profile

So I am going to add this thing to my blog somewhere. Not sure which one I like better, but that way people can find me. I keep my facebook page simple and I hate all the quizzes and top friends stuff. I like it better than LinkedIn, but it doesn’t have the business cred that LinkedIn does..

Anyway, more to come..

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