Having watched both the economic catastrophe and the campaign debauchery from a front row seat the last past year as a (former) mortgage broker and a full time volunteer during the primary, I have made an observation about analysis and trends I would like to share. I think microtargeting analysis needs a life line. I believe it needs to step into the 21st century.

I will not claim a PhD level mastery of economics but I will safely assert that there is a lot of blame to go around for the current situation. There are quite a few root causes. I list some of them sans their normally attached suffix (greed): regulation, deregulation, Democrats, Republicans, bad market practice, insufficient modeling of certain financial instruments and vehicles, banks, lenders, consumers. Spread it around. Its just hard to believe with our technological prowess and world brain trust, we couldn’t have predicted more accurately what have stumbled upon. We have super computers that can simulate nuclear holocaust, but we can’t predict a economic crisis?

We, the people, ignored the long term consequences for short term gain. We tracked these gains in the stock market, real estate bubble, dot com bubble. While Greenspan enabled trillions of dollars to materialize into the economy to feed the last bubble, we all spent it, borrowed it, and watched our house values sky rocket, and cheered our stocks as they rose with no thought about the future. Not realizing that the tinkering and lack of long term vision coupled with the reactive attention to the short term would come to this, we are shocked. Near global financial meltdown. The bottom line is that we need a long term vision to get out of this mess and a long term vision to stay out of it. We have to stop targeting these small factors and look at the entire global economy for the long term and stop focusing on day to day inflections. We are collectively microtargeting and reacting accordingly.

During the Democratic primary I was very impressed how the Obama predicted a victory with impressive accuracy early on in the process I believe that they did a great job of microtargeting their demographics while plotting a long term vision that won the primary as opposed to his opponent.

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