Today I experimented with mobile solutions for blogging.  The way my personality is  - wow look a shiny object – I figure if I am going to be able to continue blogging about nothing and ranting about something I need a comprehensive mobile solution that is easy and quick.  I don’t expect to blog an entire post from my iPhone, but I it would be nice to be able to post pictures, tweet (still not impressed), youtube, flickr, Facebook, or whatever crazy social site is out there verb quickly and easily and have some kind of tracking on this blog.  How useful is this?  Probably useless.  I may have 1 or two readers a day that visit my site – for now.  Why do I want this so badly?  After looking at pictures and blogs from the past, I realize that I could learn a lot about myself from myself.  Its like my own reality show.  I am guessing that sometime in the near future my expertise at being the jack of all trades blog guy that is into politics and economics will someday monetize this feat and become ridiculously wealthy and become a major philanthropist.  I digress.

I came across Posterous.  Its really just a program that takes your email, and posts whatever you sent to a blog..  Its that simple.  Email it, and you have posted to your blog.  Pretty slick, however, the iPhone application is very limited.. hmmmm..  Anyway, I like the concept of posting to Posterous and automatically seeing your posts in a ton of social media sites..  I am holding back on delivering most of my content to my Facebook account for a couple of reasons.  One reason is I don’t know how much control I have over privacy.  Perhaps  a lot, but I have yet to dive into the privacy settings to the nth degree.  Another reason is I am not sure about duplicate posting.  With Facebook connect, is it aware of the linkage to other sites?  Just about every site has Facebook Connect now, which means that if the site posts to another site that has Facebook Connect, you could have duplicates.  I guess you have to choose your central control, and post from that account to propagate the other accounts.  This very concept is what drove me to Posterous.  Simple, easy, central command.  Now I need to be able to convert the postings into readable, blog-like format for this site, and that would be perfect.

All this is leading me to believe that I need to get a good grasp of CSS, XHTML, and JQuery, javascript again.  I think I am going to rehash on this stuff this weekend.  And then I am going to hack away at WordPress.  I think I have a couple ideas for some mashups to go with my coming-soon-iphone application.

Yes, I am going to finish my iPhone application.  I am hoping to have it done by the end of summer.  Stay tuned. To show you the power of ADD… I love my dog Sammy, but I am tired of sneezing all over the place when he comes to visit (he lives with his grandma).

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