My fiance and I have decided to take charge and try to get into better shape. Since we both own an iPhone we decided we would try out some of the health/lifestyle type applications on the phone and see how effective an application could be at helping us reach our health goals.  I have in the past purchased gym memberships, only to realize after buying into the program that you couldn’t lose weight if you never went to the gym.  The guy at the counter never told me that so it proved ineffective.  Lets try to do this from a different angle.

This time around we both downloaded an application called Lose  It! (free).  I have used it in the past and its a great way to track your calories and watch what you are eating.  Its easy to use, and if the food that you are looking to eat is not in the database, you can create custom foods.  This allows you to track EVERYTHING about what you eat.  Fat content, sugar, calories, serving size, etc.  I found that the items in the database, even the name brand items were pretty comprehensive.  There were a few major name brand items that were missing, but it was easy to find an alternate product to use to tally up your count.

Our activity has  included a custom calisthenics workout.  No weights, no yoga, no P90X.  Its cheap – and it only takes about 20 minutes – 40 minutes if you do it twice!

SO HOW IS MY GET-FIT PLAN GOING?  I am embarrassed to state my starting weight.  I got heavy after high school.  And my friends (and my fiance) are too nice – telling me I didn’t look fat.  Don’t listen to those people – next thing you know you will be overweight, like I was….  Since I started this program I have lost 17lbs over a 4 week period.  It really isn’t that noticeable yet, but I am going for another 25!

Anyone out there that wants to lose some pounds and has an iPhone, has 20 minutes to spare, and willing to be a little bit disciplined can do what I did.  Once you start counting calories, you realize how much non essential food you eat, and you start to look at what goes in your mouth a whole lot differently.. 

I will post before and after pictures once I feel the after is significantly better than the before…

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