Been busy with school and other stuff. Thought I would drop a thought or two while I am waiting for the train home.  I am quite surprised at the LACK of utilization of modern technology to facilitate remote learning.  Perhaps this is a way for the universities to hold on to their “intellectual property”?  The internet evolved from a DARPA project to a intra unversity communication tool, to what it is today.    You would think that Universities would be on the cutting edge – where is my remote whiteboard application – that gets USED.  Why aren’t professors putting ALL their notes online.  Why aren’t lectures being broadcast?  Information should be flowing more freely.  Tutors and TA’s should be using the tools that are out there and being used by businesses to facilitate learning both on campus and remotely.  I just thought I would be going back to school and would be able to see significant changes in the way knowledge was delivered..  Maybe it is too early…

I am still bothered by the fact that you have to pay for access to a lot of academic journals!  I understand the whole model – but its time to free all information and watch innovation percolate.   Says little old me.

Nate out.

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