Perhaps you have seen or read about the controversial anti-abortion billboards that are up in Georgia. I know the guy that designed them. And I would not deny facts that may indicate that abortion is more prevalent in the black community. I actually argued this claim before – I don’t believe the designer was in the room when I made this argument with other pro-lifer supporters. The problem I have with this campaign is that it actually uses fear to drive home a point which I believe has more to do with the ECONOMIC status of the individuals than their race. If you look closely at the facts of who is having the most abortions in the country there is a stronger correlation between one’s economic status and education than race. The billboard jumps past this much stronger correlation to make a more incendiary point, one that will resonate with a certain sector of the country. Despite the brilliance of this campaign it bothers me that the real problem is not addressed. Credit must be given to the designers of this campaign because it has succeeded in bringing a controversial issue to the forefront of national discussion.

I never met anyone that is pro-abortion. I certainly view it as a bad decision where if better judgment had been practiced it could have been avoided in many cases. I also believe that if there are times when an abortion is to be considered, there must be a safe way to perform them. I believe the life of the mother is also sacred and this must be considered. It also bothers me how this issue is used as a political football for Republicans to get their religious base excited and passionate about a candidate. The problem is that its just a football – whether its Pro-lifer in the Whitehouse, or in Congress, or a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade will remain.

I believe a better approach to lower the abortion rate is universal education, and universal health care. Lift up people from their poverty. The war on poverty is not about free checks. I believe it is more about giving these folks the tools to help themselves. Sure it might be socialism to some. But to me its about taking care of the least of us, and really narrowing the gap between the rich, educated and the less fortunate. Better wages for the poor and middle class. Better banks for the middle class. Better healthcare. Better education.

I have much more on this point, but since what I am trying to say may get lost in translation due to one’s cognitive dissonance, I will save it for another time. I will say this in closing – you cannot and should not legislate morality. Good policy protects people from harm and allows them to choose their path based on their own beliefs – not someone else’s.. Good policy allows freedom of expression and promotes personal liberty. I also think that this is where you can find common ground. I do know for a fact that many on both sides of this issue have decided there is no common ground. For this reason I believe that status quo will remain.

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2 Responses to “Georgia billboards – pros and cons”

  1. judah hoover Says:

    I agree it is a foot ball, that is why i try not to bring it up. But there can be common ground. You mention the need to protect the life of the mother I am guessing incest and rape are other “times it must be considered”, but if allowances were made for all that could we outlaw all other abortions? Or is the definition of “times” ever expanding so as to be meaningless?

    You mention not being able to legislate morality. That point is often made. But I fail to see how, if that was a logical statement; the same can’t be said for every law on the books.

  2. Brent Kenna Says:

    I feel that the first paragraph hit a major point which can not be ignored. Most issues that are brought forth and argued in the name of race, are indeed Economical. This is something that needs to be addressed on a higher platform. I’m not writing to complain, because at the present time I don’t have a clear cut solution. Just a bunch of ideas that I hope to put together. Feel free throw some in the pot and when I have more time I will too. Thanks Nate

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