• @BbeS Wait for the next snow storm.. People usually put the chairs outside they don't want. in reply to BbeS #
  • My tweets represent my views and only my views. I don't tweet for anyone or on behalf of anyone else. #
  • But but we need them in Lancaster…. don't we?? http://us.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/02/25/schneier.security.cameras/index.html #
  • @ewerickson: What else are they good for?? You said prop. I agree. #
  • RT @markos: AP fact check: on debate about premiums, Obama wins: <a href="http://is.gd/9aTlP">http://is.gd/9aTlP</a><wbr> #
  • @RepMikePence – as a consumer and a nobody, this is GREAT tv and GREAT government – I hope your last tweet was a joke. #
  • @GOPWhip: You are embarrassing to us. Can't you guys act like grownups??? #
  • RT @TonyFratto: "Republicans ARE NOT saying anything about regulating insurance market too much." What is their plan anyway?? crickets.. #
  • @michellemalkin: Are you really that angry? Wht is your beef with life? What hppnd in your childhood you would say sch insensitive thngs? #
  • RT @owillis: obama going obi wan on eric cantor. pay attention young padwans. you were just added to my favorites. #
  • helthcre dbte on iphne with live twttr lsts-repub and dem; w/public forum; – NO need for cable news commntary AMZING.. http://bit.ly/ag7qCj #
  • RT @ezraklein: No one in America is watching. ??Stop the hyperbole and report unless you are just rush limbaugh commentary.. #
  • Facts always convince me to change my mind http://bit.ly/ddP0rM #
  • Too cute and cool.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6cksmhtGWs #
  • Facebook unblocked today on work computer. "it's a trap!" #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21: @McCainBlogette normally your posts are readable and substantative – but… http://bit.ly/a7bQbv #fb #
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