written by: Nathaniel

little baby nate

I grew up in a family of 15.  Our family looks like the old “Colors of Benetton” commercial popular in the 80′s and nineties.  Ten of us are adopted.  I am engaged married to a loving, patient beautiful woman named Jaclyn Smith Bomberger.  Her beauty trumps the actress of the same name.  I read a lot.  I believe the internet is the best invention ever made.

Soccer and golf are the two sports I play the most.  I am a self taught guitarist, and I own a keyboard.  I can play a few songs on the keyboard, but because I have so many different interests and I am still trying to read the entire internet, I can only play “The Entertainer” really well…

Politically, I am not stubborn, yet I believe that 95% of the population has no idea what their platform really stands for, nor do they understand how government really works in a republic.  You may think this is elitist behavior, I say its a fact of life you have to deal with.

Drexel University is where I studied math and computer science.  I completely left the field to get into the mortgage business for many years.  I enjoy economics, specifically trends, yet I have not made my first million.  I still predict I will have made at least $1,000,000 in some fashion by 2015.  This will not include the large jackpot I plan on winning before I turn 40.  I have already started spending the money from my future winnings, so I am excited to use those winnings to become debt free.

I enjoy comedy, love movies, reading, writing, ranting, debating, and listening to great ideas.  I enjoy being right most of all which does happen from time to time.

Updated October 7, 2009 – I am back in school.  I love me some learnin’.

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