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I am back in school .  I am excited, but it is very difficult getting used to reading and homework and specifically testing.  In the real world you have projects and deadlines, but its all open book! I really really do enjoy learning.  What a privilege!


Wow. I like the fact that I think big.. But now I need to get some consistency. Check out www.nathanielbomberger.com. Its now where I will continue my shinanigans.. Update: I just imported some old blogs from back in the day..  Went pretty good, but if you read them, you may notice, I had some pretty big [...]

Ok, I got caught up this weekend golfing, chillaxin, metal gear soliding, and left my laptop at work. So tonight I am going to play with this site and redo some items. Well, now I have failed to accomplish my first short term goal and it feels good to know that I have shared it [...]