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I love weekends. Three day weekends are even better!

So I spent today playing around with WordPress, Apture , and other stuff, and I like em all.  Now that I am jumping into blogging and webstuff, I flashed back to my first two domains: nateworks.com, and neterex.com.  Both are taken now, and are far cries from my hand-written html at the beginning of my computer science [...]

So another week has gone by and it feels less productive than the last. I appreciate the comments and twitters on my goals and how to follow through. Never fear. Time is on my side. I am looking to fail many many times in order to finally succeed so keep with me on this. Its [...]

I have written down my goals for the day, month, week, year. I have broken them down into personal and career. Although I haven’t always been a stalwart blogger, I have always been pretty good at writing down my goals. Now sticking to them is a different story but “shows that people who wrote down [...]

After a fantastic weekend with some old and new friends, I am ready to get the ball rolling. I went through a pretty dramatic shift in culture, business ideology, and scope going from real estate to software sales, but I finally feel I have adapted. I have much to learn, but developing relationships is the [...]