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I wrote a little application for a class I am taking. It allows you to find bills, legislators, committee information on any U.S. representative. You can also contact them – and send them real letters. Get their voting records, FEC records, you name it. Not sure what to do with it, but I actually find [...]

I had a problem updating my Ubuntu from the command line.  If you get the error in the title, try this. Usually it will fail on boot after the upgrade. This seemed to help me.  Make sure you are root: Press ‘M’ for manual rescue. Enter the following in the prompt. mount -n -o remount,rw [...]

Everyone READ THIS PLEASE. Here’s what’s going on right now: something with the PS3′s internal clock has borked in some pre-slim models. This is not a PSN issue; it has to do with your PS3′s clock. This clock is NOT related to the OS clock. It seems to be a leap year bug. Setting your [...]

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Recently I discovered Automator, a drag-and-drop graphical automation engine for OS X.  You can create applications and work flows that replicate repetitive tasks.  These scripts can be bundled together, integrated with Applescript, and even added to other application workflows.   I also remarked on how our education system needs to catch up..  So I thought I [...]


Been busy with school and other stuff. Thought I would drop a thought or two while I am waiting for the train home.  I am quite surprised at the LACK of utilization of modern technology to facilitate remote learning.  Perhaps this is a way for the universities to hold on to their “intellectual property”?  The [...]