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With all this talk about death panels and government takeover of health insurance, I figure its time to spill the beans on what my fiance and I are going through right now.  This is a true story, and if you had any type of chronic or acute illness, you might have  found (or might find)  this [...]

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I guess I should write something about my trip to Philly with my boss where President Obama and Senator Arlen Specter were having a wine and cheese event-pre-fundraiser thingy.  There was about 200 people there, maybe more, definitely less than 2,000,000  that were at the Tea Bagger rally in D.C.  The best part about the trip [...]

Here are some ideas I came up for health INSURANCE reform.  Would love to hear your thoughts, positive or negative.  Open up state lines – If you want to buy insurance, you are limited to buying insurance in your home state.  If you want to buy car insurance, you can buy it online, you can [...]