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Lately it seems that just about everyone is hanging their head on our election of Barack Obama.  Friends who were supporters are now saying how disappointed they are that they voted for Obama.  They claim to be disappointed on how little change Obama brought into office.  If Facebook statuses are any indicator of the temperment [...]


I guess I should write something about my trip to Philly with my boss where President Obama and Senator Arlen Specter were having a wine and cheese event-pre-fundraiser thingy.  There was about 200 people there, maybe more, definitely less than 2,000,000  that were at the Tea Bagger rally in D.C.  The best part about the trip [...]

Having watched both the economic catastrophe and the campaign debauchery from a front row seat the last past year as a (former) mortgage broker and a full time volunteer during the primary, I have made an observation about analysis and trends I would like to share. I think microtargeting analysis needs a life line. I [...]